altecno r.g.l ltd

all cladding solutions under a single roof

Altenco - a contracting company established in 2001.
The company specializes in :

  • all types of cladding.

  • executing projects in construction and industry.

  • importing and marketing of transparent roofs with a weight-bearing ability of over 320 kg/m2.

  • cement boards as a substitute for asbestos roofs.

  • rigid plastic roofs.

  • Roofs for solar companies.


Altecno is an approved contractor for the discharge of asbestos cement by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Altecno - provides a full  long term warranty for any of its projects .

main activity areas

פרוייקטי חיפויים

warehouses and industrial buildings cladding

  • HPL 

  • Panels

  • Europanel (cementboard coating)

  • fibercement

Roofs, light structures and solar companies

The company imports and markets a varied roofing types for covering and shielding buildings

our vision

On going contact -

supervision until completion of work and through the warranty period.

Quality - 

uncompromising! compliance with requirements and standards. 


we keep apace international development in the technology of cladding solutions.

our clients

Over the years we've provided our services to some of the leading companies in Israel, including:The Israel Airports Authority, desalination plants, municipalities, local authorities, kibbutzim and more 

עוצב ע״י Shiran Waldman

מתוחזק ע"י KERENET

יצירת קשר

מייל: [email protected]

קיבוץ גבעת ברנר, מיקוד 60948

Giv'at Brenner, Israel

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